Tired of writing down the schedule in notebooks and forgetting about your homework? Want to improve your academic performance and become more organised? Our app is here to help you!

With our application you will be able to:
  • Have your schedule always at hand
  • Check the schedule using the widget without unlocking the device
  • Organise your homework
  • Receive reminders about your lessons and homework
  • Use alternate weeks, for example, A / B
  • Share the schedule with your friends

Weekly Timetable supports up to 4 repetitive weeks. All you have to do is select the needed amount of repetitive weeks, feel in the schedule for them and select your current week number. From now on Schedule Planner will automatically display the correct week on the main screen and repeat it with a selected time period.

You can easily track all of your assignments within the Weekly Timetable app. You can keep track of the already completed task or task that should still be done. You can even attach some photos or create reminders so you will never forget to finish your assignment in time.

Schedule Planner allows you to share the already filled in timetable with your friends just in a few clicks. You just share newly generated code with friends and they will have your schedule on their devices in less than a minute.


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