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Enria – everything you need to know about your cycle is always at your fingertips! Many women have questions about their cycle. When will their next period begin? Is everything alright with their reproductive health? What are the most favourable days for conceiving a child? How does their cycle affect their well-being? Our application is here to answer these questions and more!

With Enria you won't ever need to fill in enormous calendars to find out when your next period begins. You won't be taken by surprise with your next cycle. The application will help you calculate the most favourable days for conceiving a child. The menstrual irregularity won't go unnoticed!

With our application you will be able to:
 – Find out the expected start dates of your next cycle
 – Find out the most favourable days for conceiving a child
 – Receive reminders about your cycle and its delay
 – Establish a link between your well-being and your cycle
 – Monitor your health
 – Provide the doctor with detailed information about your cycle

Daily Water Tracker & Reminder will help you reach your daily water intake goals and stay healthy! Correct water consumption is crucial for a balanced diet, clean skin, good mood and can even help on a weight loss journey. Customisable app’s reminders will help you to stay on track. Water goal recommendation is based on your weight and sex and can easily be adjusted depending on your needs.