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Hello, my name is Oleksandr Kirichenko. I'm an independent mobile app developer specialising on the native iOS app development based in Hamburg, Germany. I have many years of professional development experience and very passionate about my work. I design and develop my own mobile apps as well as providing development services for my clients. If you are interested in my services, feel free to contact me.

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    Technology stack and time estimations

    Before starting a new project, I carefully select the most appropriate technologies and frameworks for the application and estimate the development time.

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    Secondly, I choose the scope of the MVP and prepare a comprehensive plan for the further milestones. I also do a more accurate time estimation using the work-breakdown structure (WBS).

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    App Development

    When all the necessary preparations are made, I begin the development process. During the development phase, I measure development velocity in order to stick to a plan or make the appropriate corrections as soon as possible.

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    Testing & Deployment

    Finally, I do some testing in person and then involve external testers to find all the bugs. I also involve a small group of target users for User Testing to find usability issues. Once everything is done and all the necessary corrections are made, we are ready to publish.